Ireland Holiday 2

Ireland was green and quiet after being in the UK.  
The castles were plentiful and fascinating.  We got very used to walking up tight spiral staircases that were very narrow.  You had to be patient and walk up them slowly, because there was always a crowd in front of you - definitely not suitable for those who suffer claustrophobia.
Bunratty Castle, Limerick.
The gardens were spectacular.
I hanker for a pleached walkway in my own day!
Walled garden at Bunratty Folk Park.
The River Shannon.  It felt very romantic.  I don't think that I have every felt that about a river before, but there was something very special and mystic about walking its banks.  
Intricate wood carving on the walls in a preserved home at Bunratty Folk Park.
Quilt patterns where ever I look.
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Having the opportunity to experience the charm of Ireland makes for a special vacation.

  2. Oh, this looks lovely! Hubby lived in Ireland for a time before we married. He has always promised to take me there someday, but so far all attempts have fallen through.
    Do you have more photos to share??

  3. The trees and gardens look so lush. I guess that's what you get with a mild moist climate!

    Love the quilt pattern floor.

  4. It looks like a special place indeed. I wouldn't mind having a walkway like that either!


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