Rainbow Scrap Challenge for January was Light Blue

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for January is light blue and I have been snatching small amounts of RSC sewing time here and there.  I had a small amount of pre cut scrap, but fortunately after visiting my uncle and aunt, I acquired a bag of my aunts scrap and there was oodles of light blue!  I have cut the pieces up and been mainly chain piecing half square triangles, as I was completely out.
This is a relatively new block for me, one I have resorted to as I have more half square triangles then I do 2.5" squares.
I cobbled together enough squares for these stars.  And then I ran out of light blue half square triangles!  I have to  keep reminding myself that the idea is to use it up!
 So then I went  to making four patches. I already have a good collection of these, but not decided what to make with them yet.  Looking at this picture I am tempted to make 16 patch blocks.
 And last but not least I have a flimsy finish. 
I found all the four patches already made during a clean up of my stash. I like colour coordinating my eye spy fabrics, it makes the overall quilt less "busy", especially with the white polka dot sashing breaking it all up.  I have made a quilt in the same design previously (see here), but I think this one is going to remain borderless as it is already a good size.  I have made a backing for it, and its going into the pile to be quilted - when winter comes, far too hot here to contemplate quilting!
Happy quilting Sue.


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  2. Pretty little light blue blocks.
    Oh, check out the gingham star points in the lower star. Don't know if that will bother you or not.
    Your color coordinated I Spy blocks are very easy on the eyes. I agree that it calms the whole thing down. Some such quilts do get kind of crazy.

  3. Love your stars!
    The flimsy is going to be a huggable quilt, I can tell!

  4. fun i spy quilt - I think I need to see if I have enough novelty :)

  5. Color coordinating your I-Spy quilt was a really good idea. LOVE the resulting quilt top!!

  6. Beautiful blocks, and beautiful quilt! Enjoy the summer time and blue wrens if they came back ;)

  7. You are doing great with the idea of putting what you have to good use. Eventually all of those little bits will find a good home.

  8. A sweet variety of light blue blocks. You're doing a great job using pieces up. I like your idea of color coordinated blocks for the I Spy quilt. It does calm all those busy prints.

  9. That does look like a fun I Spy quilt. It is always so much fun to receive scraps from other quilters. :)

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  11. it's so lovely and fun i spy quilt - I think I need to see if I have enough novelty :)



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