UFO list

I have Un Finshed Objects that were only started last year and others that are more than ten years old!
1. Jungle quilt top (9 patch) made in 2017 -  needs a backing, pinning and quilting.
2. Churn Dash novelty quilt made in 2017- needs a backing, pinning and quilting.
3. Cot quilt panel - also made in 2017, think this has a back but needs pinning and quilting!
4. Jo Morton Beths baskets (mini) - needs a final border, cannot make up my mind!
5. Autumn log cabin blocks started 2017.  Not in a hurry, just using up scraps as I go. 
6. Rainbow Scrap challenge 9 patch quilt - pinned, ready for quilting.
7. String pieced Lone star - waiting on a border.
8. Churn dash and flying geese - stuck, not sure if to finish it as is, or attempt another border?  It is an odd size currently (big wall hanging/too small to be a lap quilt), but I love this top, so would like to  finish it this year.
9. Temecula Circa 2016 - really need to work on this, as it is close to being a finished flimsy, but I cannot get it to sit flat and have unpicked several times.  Staying in the naughty corner for now!
10. Seven Sisters.  All the sisters are made in their colour ways, but I need to make an executive decision about how to join them together in the final layout.  The sad reality is that this is a very small quilt, but my enthusiasm for EPP is lacking, so could stay unfinished for another year.
11. Eastwood challenge.  This is my oldest UFO.  I think I started this the year we got married, so 12 years old?  I don't do quilt math, which is the stumbling block for this quilt.  However it would be nice to finish it, we will see.
12. Sugar Bag Blocks.  I dug these Sugar Bag blocks out last year (all different) and from memory I think I only need to make one more block.  The fabrics are lovely and would be nice to get it to flimsy stage.  There is sufficient interest for me to tackle this project!
So there we go.  I am tempted to follow along with the once a month UFO tackle idea, based on a allocated number, but in reality I know that I only work on things that I can find inspiration for.  And with several new quilts already planned for this year, my spare time will be limited.  I have a quilt camp coming up in March and that is my best bet for progressing along one of the projects I am stuck on, fingers crossed!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. All of those will be very pretty projects when you finish them, but don't fret over them. It has been said many times that quilting is supposed to be fun, so work first on the ones you think will be the most fun for you. I'm having terrible time deciding what to work on. I haven't sewed a stitch since I decorated for Christmas the first week in December! That needs to change today; ---- no, maybe tomorrow. ---"Love"

  2. Plenty to do. Make room for the new projects as well.

  3. Great projects.... now off you go and get quilting!!

  4. You have much potential here for some great finishes.
    I can't let someone else select my UFO to work on. I have to feel drawn to something, or inspired by it. Unless that happens, I just sit and stare. :)

  5. You have so much "fun" laying ahead. I had to smile at the piece that is in the naughty corner I hate it when they end up there :0(

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