Good bye 2017, welcome 2018!

I don't do New Years resolutions anymore, I dont allocate a word for the year coming and I don't pick a colour.  But I do make lists.  
Lists of quilts I would love to make and lists of what I have completed.  Then more lists, of projects half done and what I have to do to finish them.  I love lists so much, a friend gifted me a beautiful weekly organiser and to do list in matching stationary!

So here we go, the wish list for 2018; 
  • A Plus quilt - I took a photo of at our quilt show last May.  As much as I would like to make it in scrappy backgrounds, I am lacking modern neutrals so I was going to make it in three colours, using the flannel I have in my stash. BUT I am hoping to get a roadtrip in to some patchwork shops soon, so I might come home with some modern prints that would suit this pattern.  We will see what takes my fancy!
Image result for i spy snowball quilt
  • I have oodles of novelty fabric which I would like to use up.  I would like to buy a gender neutral bright print to use as the corners, like this photo I pinched off the web.
Image result for moda love quilt
  • I recently downloaded this pattern Moda Love LayerCake quilt.  A friend gave me a layer cake (partially used) which would make a nice bright quilt for a child/teenager and I like this easy but interesting pattern. 
  • Tic Tac Toe quilt was on the list to make for 2017 and never got a look in.  Be nice to start it this year...finishing is another thing! 

  • Sew Kind of Wonderful's pattern Urban Abacus was also on last years list to make, because I want to use my curved ruler again.  But again I would like to make this in modern prints, not my beloved reproductions.  So that shopping trip list is getting longer and longer!  

  • Simply Friendships quilt book by Jo Morton and Kim Diehl was one of my birthday gifts and I have already started this quilt!  So it needs to go on the wish list - because I wanted to make it as soon as I saw it....and the starting happened before this post, so it still deserves to be on the list!
So that is plenty of dreaming about NEW projects I would like to start making, if I get just one started in 2018 I will be really happy! I know that I am setting the bar very low, but I do have two exciting holidays coming up this year, and it will impact my time for sewing.  So going to keep the list long, to give myself interesting options to choose from, but being realistic at the same time!
Happy quilting Sue. 


  1. Nice list, and I am sure you will get some of them done, and 2 holidays?? Sounds great.

  2. I like your way of planning your projects for 2018. All of us need to remember "quilting is supposed to be fun". Having to finish to meet a list requirement destroys that idea for me. I did make a short list of UFO's on a scrap pad, and if I finish any of them, that will be fine; if not, that's fine too. I also have an important event that preparing for is more important to me than quilting right now. Yet, I am wanting to quilt soon. ---"Love"

  3. Oh Sue, me too, my lists for sewing projects but none of the others... YOu have some wonderful projects to make... Does this mean you don't have UFO's - tell me you have some!!!

  4. It's an awesome and exciting list. I'm foreseeing you'll happy at the end of the year.

  5. They look like some fun projects on the list.

  6. We are so similar.......
    You will love moda love...... Goes together quick for great affect....... I made two in the last month......

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