Rainbow Scrappy Challenge Nine Patch Quilt

I assembled my assorted Rainbow Scrappy Challenge nine patches into a top in July 2017.  I then pinned it ready for quilting some months ago.  I had good intentions, but summer has been hotter then usual and the thought of quilting was not appealing.  However yesterday I wanted to sew, but it wasn't too hot and I thought "what the heck, just do it!"
Here is the finished quilt (60" x 60")with the scrappy binding machined on, ready to hand sew last night. I did hand stitch most of the binding, but not all last night.
I am normally really organized with pre loading my blog posts, but my computer is objecting to downloading photos off my digital camera....so I started using my phone.  Now it is playing funny #@#@ with downloading photos from my phone.  I have resorted to emailing photos to myself!
Hence my lack of  enthusiasm for blogging - just been too time consuming and Instagram is way easier!  
Still I wanted to link up to Rainbow Scrappy Chanelleng, because a scrappy rainbow finish is always worth celebrating...even if there is another hour of binding sewing left!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Computer photo issues are so frustrating. I have been having them with my photos, as well. I think mine are FINALLY straightened out. Hope yours are soon!
    I love rainbow quilts. This is a great use of scraps!

  2. Definitely cause for celebration! So glad that you shared. Beautiful.

  3. Great nine patch quilt. good to see you are getting it done.

  4. LOve your quilt and the mix of colours, hope you get your computer issues worked out soon, I have a few to work on and get happening in the next 10 weeks!

  5. Congrats! on your RSC finish. Surely, you're done with the binding by now. If not, you soon will be!!

  6. I think your quilt turned out just lovely.... great use of the scrappy blocks...

  7. Email the pics to your blog and then edit the post to add the writing where you want it .... .

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    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
    I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone!


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