First finish for the year!

I have been plugging away at the Warm Regards quilt, making the background blocks, here is my progress so far.
I have also started the applique in the centre block.  Just made the berries (took most of a day!) and have tried their placement here...which I haven't finalised,  I think I need to buy some applique glue, as an alternative to pins.  I am normally happy with pinning, but there are too many berries here that will move when I go to pin them one at a time.  
And after all that teasing, finally the reveal of my first finish for 2018!
I love a cheats finish...this was quilted by Vicki Jenkin, long arm quilter and she finished it after Christmas.  But then I had to put the binding on and to be really honest, the label is stitched down, but not written on!  I needed to find the name of the fabric line as well - so I could write the label!
But I though I wanted to use fabric line name, so I can give this quilt a name!  However it was a "Collection with a Cause Historical Blender" jelly roll from Moda, so not inspiring me at all.  The pattern is Vivid Grid by Sharon McConnell and was published in Quilts and More Spring 2017 edition, which I have made before, from my bright 2.5" scraps.  Think that I used a whole jelly roll and yardage of background fabric - a tan check.  I like the muted soft colours, but not sure who I am going to gift it to yet.
So quilt without a name, you are my first finish for 2018, lets hope there are more to come!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Very nice first finish! May we all have many more this year...

  2. I love your quilt without a name... those colours are so liveable and go with anything.... Loving the look of your new one too.... I like a little dot of the glue - it does help.

  3. Congrats on your finish, must be a good feeling!

  4. Congrats on a lovely finish :)

  5. Yea! For your first finish. It's a lovely beginning for the year. I'd agree you'll have better luck with the applique glue keeping those awesome berries in place. I keep looking at your progress and then look at the book and keep thinking I need to make this! :0)

  6. It looks great, Sue! I have loved that line of fabrics.
    The glue sounds like a good idea. Even if you could get them all pinned down, that would be a lot of pokey ends to try and avoid while stitching them down!

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