I spy quilt finish

Generally when I need mindless sewing I don't quilt!  
But this quilt had been pinned for at least a month and it go the better of me.  Stitched in the ditch everywhere except the border where I stippled.  I changed my Bernina BSR foot attachment from transparent to open toe and found it much easier to see.  Plus did the stippling in the daytime, so the light was better.  
I will be donating this quilt to Very Snuggly Quilts (Victorian Quilters) program, but only after I deal with the threads on the back!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Very nice! I like the different fabrics for cornerstones; why haven't I ever thought of that? Someone will be so glad to get that quilt! ---"Love"

  2. That is going top be a smile-maker for some lucky recipient. And doesn't it feel good to have a finish? : )

  3. This turned out so lovely--love that stippling..well beyond my abilities--hugs, Julierose

  4. What a fun quilt! Congrats on your flimsy finish.

    1. Wait! It's just a flimsy in the top. Holy cow, you got the whole thing done. What a fun I-Spy quilt! Yeah!

  5. This is a super cute quilt! I love it! Congrats on a wonderful finish!

  6. Congrats! on such a wonderful scrappy finish!!!

  7. It's a really fun quilt and the red border just tops it off so nicely. The order quilting looks very good, a fine choice. Congrats!


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