Spools wall hanging finished

Thimble Blossom pattern Spools, which is a mini/wall hanging.  Finished size:14.5x17"
Fabric from Bonnie and Camille charm pack called Miss Kate.
I stippled in the background and quilted straight lines in the spool centres.  I have started wearing reading glasses in the last year or so. But I am going to have to get my eyes checked as I found seeing where I had quilted (so I didn't double back over my stitching) really hard.  It was partly the quality of light and also the foot getting in the way, but my eyesight has deteriorated :( 
How did the pioneer women ever cope with just candle light??
Red and white stripes were required for binding and I didn't have any in my stash, but with two other projects that need borders I was up for a road trip to my "local" quilt shop, Quilters Harvest.
Needless to say binding was purchased and I enjoyed myself!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Very sweet - I love little spools. I bought an attachment with a bendy LED light which helps a lot. Also using an open toe foot? But sadly our eyes aren't what they used to be and I am amazed at how our forebears managed their intricate work...

  2. Oh this is a big different to your usual.....

    1. One reason the pioneer women were able to avoid crossing over their stitches is that they were taking one stitch at a time --- by HAND! I'm glad we don't have to do that today. ---"Love"

  3. What a gorgeous quilt Sue.....love it but oh what critics we all are to ourselves!! Hugs x

  4. What a sweet finish. Any quilt looks special with a striped binding. A great choice.

  5. Cute quilt, and how much longer will you be able to go to your "local" quilt shop??

  6. A cute finish Sue! I've also struggled with my eyes lately - apparently the ability to focus is not so good and happens with age - sigh.... I have to slow down and think more!


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