Rainbow Scrappy Challenge updated - Red for March

I am really behind in my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge reporting.  I have been slowly sewing in the background.
 Making four patches should be easy but I had to do a bit of unpicking.  I had made two scrappy checkerboard (four patch) borders for another quilt last year, then decided they looked odd and made the quilt the wrong size.  So I am now repurposing the pieces for RSC.
I had made one star, but no nine patches. so had to forage a bit more for some variety of fabrics.
I really want more red stars, but I have run out of cut neutral triangles and variety in the red triangles, so two will sufficience until I have more scraps to cut up.
Hence a new block ;) Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love, love, LOVE your scrappy RED stars!! It will be fun seeing what you do with April's MULTICOLORED scraps.

  2. I have a pattern lined up for a spool quilt I want to make - but I also have quite a few things I need to finish first. Yours looks really cute and tempting, though!

  3. Such pretty reds! I especially like your star blocks.

  4. I love your stars, too! And the spool idea is awesome - worth copying for sure (wink)!!

  5. Makes perfect sense to me--and that spool is adorable...nice blocks you've gotten so far hugs, Julierose

  6. great use of your rds...

  7. Lovely set of blocks. Good of you to use up all your scraps and make the spool.

  8. LOVE all your red happy sewing. (The spool is my very favorite)


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