Sew Together Bag

I brought the Sew Together Bag pattern from Periwinkle Patchwork .... dont remember when, but hoping it was only last January!
Anyway Ann was on her way to town, bringing her shop for our local quilt show....and a pattern I had requested from her.  And the lovely fabrics I had purchased at Quilters Harvest were staring at me!
SEW I knew that I had to get that pattern made up!  Plus I had finished all the boring stuff (binding, quilting, hanging sleeves) for the quilts going on display.  So I deserved a treat.  
 I was warned this isnt the easiest pattern, but I didn't find it too bad.  The pattern its self is really really well written but you have to have your thinking cap on - I made it over two days, which I think really helped - making this in a rush would be a recipe for disaster.
 I was lucky in that I also only used interfacing (thank you Lisa for introducing me to the joys of interfacing!) and not wadding.  Mind you I still broke a needle :(  when I was sewing it all together.  I do not like machine sewing binding on, but I did do it on this project - because there was no nice soft wadding to make hand sewing easier.  It went OK, not fantastic, but acceptable.  I like this bag so much I am thinking about making another one ;)  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Cute little bag, well done, another finish! Might see you today.

  2. Very nice! I love the fabrics you used for it.

  3. Love all the pockets within. Looks like a really handy bag. If you need a thinking cap on to sew it, though, I'd better steer clear of that pattern! : )

  4. You did a beautiful job on this bag. I've made it too and it does get rather thick in places. The designer lives in my town and I've known her for a long time.

  5. It is stunning! I love Dawn's designs and you really have done this one justice. I don't use any chemical marking pens for the very reason you mentioned. I use a Sewline white lead or regular lead pencil very lightly. I am so afraid of what those chemicals will do over time. I'm glad your experience wasn't that bad! This is beautiful!


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