Meet Me in the Middle of Barcelona

This quilted was started May 2016 with a layer cake called Barcelona and some grey shot cotton.
This pattern is called Meet In the Middle and is free HERE at Jo's Country Junction blog.
You cut 2.5" strips from the layer cake and join them together with your background fabric.
Sew all the strips together.
 And voila you have a quilt top!  Just needed some quilting.
Too easy, this quilt looks good, no tricky seams to match and is a perfect single bed/large lap for long teenager's size.
 I am definitely going to make this again, but next time I am going to sew wonky lines across the strips instead of SITD parallel - idea courtesy of Lisa who made the same quilt (if fact the pattern was her idea!) and I much prefer her quilting method.    
Meet me in the middle of Barcelona, finished in January 2017.
Happy quilting. Sue.


  1. Very nice! Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  2. love the modern look of that quilt...

  3. That is a fun way to use strips. Very clever name, too! : )

  4. Good job, yet again. Lovely quilt too.

  5. Very nice! I can see this in lots of different styles.

  6. Lovely work Sue. I like how the colours play against the grey background, with those pops of orange.


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