Last years finishes - never seen before!

Honestly it was only after I blogged about what I had made for the year and I did an audit that I realised my written list was longer then my photographic evidence/blog posts.  Still it has taken me weeks to round up the details of these projects - a lesson in there somewhere!
This is the table runner I made out of a Moda charm pack Atelier by 3Sisters. 
 The pattern was So Charming from Tonya Alexander (see her website Eye Candy Quilts HERE), published in the Summer 2016 edition of Quilts and More magazine.  
This sweet rail fence mini in strawberry and cream colours was a surprise gift for Lisa's birthday.  Hence I never blogged about it...but that was no reason for forgetting to take a photo! 
Luckily Lisa was happy to loan it back to me for a photo shoot.
This pattern was from the Spring Stitching day out at Quilters Harvest 2015 - by Shelly Kelly and is a little needle case that you hang.  I haven't put a loop on mine, because I have no intention of hanging it!  But a loop and button to close it would be more to the point.    
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Nice roundup of forgotten finishes. : )
    I especially like the little hexie needle case.

  2. Having a photo record of all your projects is a good thing. I do that too.

  3. lovely projects.... it's nice to have a record in the blog...

  4. Lovely work. The first one is my favourite.

  5. A nice little round up of the sweet projects MIA.... sometimes I'm so excited to finish something and send it on it's way I NEARLY forget to photograph it. I sometimes think of the things I made pre-blog and pre-digital camera time and regret not having photos of them.

  6. I always forget to take pics of projects too lol Love the hexis!


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