Mid Winter Red - making progress in Summer

At camp, during winter 2015 (Aussie winter) I made these blocks from a Mid Winter Red layer cake, using a tutorial by Missouri Quilt Co.  The pattern is called Disappearing pinwheel by Missouri Quilt Co, but I have been referring to them as Pinwheel in a Churn Dash on my UFO list.
 The 20 blocks were relegated to the naughty box because the outside edges were all on the bias, due to the construction method (ie quick and easy!).  
Hence the blocks were all slightly different sizes and needed trimming.
I hate trimming!
However I love buying fabric.  So with sashing and cornerstone fabric purchased these blocks came out of the naughty bin.
Confession; I never trimmed them!
I just pinned carefully and sewed them to the correctly sized sashing and pressed, pressed, pressed.
They look pretty good to me!
I ran out of sashing, but have ordered more by snail mail.  
In the meantime its nice to know that one UFO is back on track.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. After taking a class from Jenny Doan and asking about all of the bias edges I would say she probably finishes hers like you did. I think she makes things fit without a lot of worry about trimming. And it seems to work!
    I really like what you have created. : )

  2. Bias edges can definitely be a challenge, but it looks like you wrestled them into submission. I'm glad these blocks came out of the
    Naughty box. I loved that line of fabric. I bought about 4 charm packs!

  3. Wow, so early into the year and you have achieved so much. The sashing really brings those blocks to life.

  4. Ha! Sometimes we just don't need to measure and trim!! I like to know I'm not the only one!!

  5. Looking Great - I love Red and I love that block!! I do worry about blocks made that way that have outside edges on the bias. Your solution is a good one!

  6. Million years behind.... Love the look of this..... Hope it gets finished now... .


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