Out of sight, out of mind?!

Serious brain fade happening here.  I did mention a couple of finishes in a recent blog but only showed off one!
Scratching my head for something of interest to show you this week, I was pleased I had forgotten to brag about finally completely the Snowball quilt.  What started as a stack of free fabric (mainly strips), morphed into this top.
 And finally looked decent with the bargain of the year, this Jo Morton print that I found on sale at Spotlight.  Now I am not a huge fan of brown, but my love of reproduction and traditional quilting styles seems to lean in favor of murk pallette.
But a nice dark red binding saved the day.  Not so obvious in this shot, but lightened up the border fabric and gave it a final kick of colour.
Very lucky that Mum happened to visit at the right time to act as quilt hanger - otherwise I wouldnt have any photos, as this baby is now gone, gifted last weekend.
So its definitely a finish now, one to tick off the list before the year ends!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. wow Sue this quilt is fantastic what a beautiful finish for you xx

  2. Love this one.... And I think the border works perfectly...... My family call it my brown faze......

  3. Nice job, Sue! I do love the vintage look of this. Fun to have a quilt made from free fabrics--especially when it turns out so well.

  4. The border fabric was a great find! Lovely quilt, and congratulations on another project ticked off the list.

  5. Sue, just got caught up on your posts. I too enjoy these subdue like colours and you have such pretty prints. This is another great project and however you finish it will be great.

  6. What another great finish for the year. The snowball block is so diverse and showcases fabric so nicely.

  7. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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