Finally a quilt finish, or two

I have finally finished the commissioned photo quilt I was working on.  
 Unfortunately some of the photos started to shatter from being folded, rolled or just plain handled, as I quilted it.  Such a pity.  The family did the photos, so I have no way of knowing which photo paper/fabric product was poor quality.  
As a thank you gift I received a quilt history book published by V&A Museum, which is fabulous, hours of interesting reading, which I have started. 

 I brought myself some MORE fabric - advertised on Instagram, shop is downsizing its reproduction fabric, which means if I dont buy it now, then it wont be around to buy when I want it....right?!
 Border sides are on.  Just contemplating the cornerstone fabric options, above is option 1
 This is option 2
And lastly, is option 3 - no cornerstones!  I think that looks a bit too heavy, but would value your opinion.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I think you did a good job of assembling such different sized photos in the quilt.

  2. like the fabrics you HAD to buy........I think I like option 1...........or what about a darker corner square........

  3. Too bad about tthe photos, but glad you finished it up. Fun new fabrics. It is true you need to buy it when you see it. I like option one the best, but I agree, you might try something darker so the corner doesn't appear to be empty. Have fun!

  4. Good finish with the photo quilt, sad that they did not hold up though. Yes of course you had to buy those fabrics while you could.

  5. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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