Red and Cream quilt at Christmas time, not for Christmas!

The lovely Ann from Periwinkle Patchwork gave me this book back in May.  I have read it several times and changed my mind about which quilt to start several times!
When the moons of time, motivation and organisation aligned, it was this pattern I chose.
I have made the chain blocks. 
 And started piecing the stars.
Then distractions crept in, in the form of Christmas baking, 
 and decorating!
As enthusiastic as my boys were, finishing the decorating of the tree is not their strenght!
The bigger issue with this project is that I am in danger of running out of fabric...shock horror! One assumes that a personal collection of French General fabric is endless, but when it is squirrelled away for long periods of time, you forget how much you actually have.  My bad, not checking measurements (of patterns or requirements) is my weakness, but starting new projects is my strength! 
Having said that its just a red/cream quilt.  I am sure there is more red fabric in my stash, somewhere!  And if there is not, well more shopping required?!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. your red/cream quilt will be gorgeous.... I'm sure you will find just the right fabric to finish it off....

  2. The quilt will be lovely. I'm sure more fabric is available if you have used up your stash! The mince pies look yummy.

  3. Good choice. Very pretty quilt!
    Love the shot of the boys decorating. :)

  4. Fantastic choice for your newest quilt. Shopping for new pieces sounds like the perfect solutions!

  5. beautiful work and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate:)



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