Where has October gone?

I lost my sewing mojo weeks ago.  The last sewing I did was wool applique while on holidays and dont even have a picture to share.  However on Friday, crunch time had to happen, because there is a deadline looming.
I started working on this photo quilt for a friends MIL.  It was not what I expected, but working with what we have. Luckily sewing friends pointed out that using Quilt as you go method would assist overcome some of the hurdles.  
I have brought the backing only to find I cannot get basting spray :( because the shop was closed Saturday - so no further progress made, waiting until Monday when the shop is open.
 Lisa asked me what happened to my Temecula Mini?  
So a little bit of sewing was eventually achieved Saturday.  Well unpicking and resewing.  Not just on this (sashing was wonky), but also on a backing.  But that is it for me.  Mojo still missing, but working on some motivation.
Like this great quilt top Kaye finished on Friday.  
Cute kit for a grandchild she brought some time ago.  Bit hard to see, but fabric is perfect for the beach theme, fish,water and seaweed fabric!
 Two new purchases, which will hopefully inspire some sewing action in near future.  I am hoping the triangle tool will make flying geese easier to piece and more accurate....fingers crossed!
I have been enjoying the riot of colour spring brings.  Once a upon a time I thought owning a a carefully laid out blue and white garden would be lovely....now I crave masses of colour all jammed in together!
But the reality is I am starting to run out of room for more flowers
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. A crossword puzzle in a photo quilt? Interesting. :)
    Your red, white and pink Temecula mini is so cute! Do you know how you are going to finish it?
    My goodness, that iris is luscious looking!! Wish I could drop by and beg a rhizome off of you. Like you, I love a riot of color in my flower beds.

  2. I don't know where October went either! Hope you can get that deadline quilt done without any further hindrances like inconvenient shop hours.
    The mini looks lovely so far.
    I have Bonnie's book - and now 2 quilt tops out of it that are on the "to be quilted" pile. I didn't buy her ruler though, because I have others that do the same job which I'm happy with.
    Love the garden colour!

  3. I totally agree Ive lost october and my sewing mojo too, hopefully a retreat at the end of the week will help, like minds... :)

  4. October has gone with the blink of an eye.............

  5. Hope you get your mojo back soon. Maybe working on these projects will help.

  6. The whole year has just gone so fast, not just October, and next year looks as though it will be the same!!


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