What a lovely Christmas...opps I started a new project...again!

I have a birthday close to Christmas, so most of these pressies are birthday, but a few Christmas ones from my quilty friends, when we had dinner together before Christmas.
Vicki made me this lovely table runner using the modern curved ruler.  Lisa gave me this cute seam roller for those pesky seams that don't want to sit flat!
Hubby brought me a book full of fun projects and Lisa brought me one by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton - Simple Friendships, which prompted us to make a quilt out of it, and we choose Warm Regards, a mix of piecing and applique.  Well the way the book works is that Jo and Kim both make a version of the same quilt.  Warm Regards is Kim's version, which I am making.  
We had a sewing day together to get things started.  I continued to work on it the next day, prepping applique pieces and couldn't resist making a few of the pieced blocks.
 I have decided to not make the berries as yo yo's mainly because I don't have the Clover yo yo maker in the small size, but I do have Perfect Circles.  Lisa is making the Jo Morton version of this quilt (all pieced) but in the Kim layout, so she can include yo yo's...they are her favorite quilty thing!
Vicki's day job is long arm quilting and she brought me back my second Vivid Grid quilt, after working her magic on it.  I love this quilting panto!  I machine stitched the binding yesterday.
But alas I haven't hand stitched any down yet.  It would be nice to squeeze in one last finish for 2017, so I will see if I can wrangle some today.   I love this pattern and there are lots more 2.5" strips in my cupboard, so I think 2018 might find me making a third version of Vivid Grid!
Hubby and the kids had an extended break with his family (I came home early for work) and got home last night. So today is full of fun things, like washing and cooking food to take for a NYE party tonight.  Still some hand stitching with a cuppa is a possibility. 
Happy quilting, hope you have a safe and fun New Years Eve, Sue.


  1. Happy birthday!

    And then, Happy New Year!

  2. Glad you had a good Christmas, Happy belated birthday, and Happy New Year, now you are done for another year at least!!

  3. Looks like you were treated well for your birthday.
    Very pretty Kim Diehl quilt you are making. I have that book. I should go check out the Jo Morton version.
    Vivid Grid looks great! Hope you can get your one last finish in.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Ooooh, lots of quilty goodies. Glad that you dove right in and started playing with them. Happy New Year!

  5. Well, I can see why you and Vickie started something new. I'm going to have to open up that book again. It's fun when you work with a friend and you both put your own ideas into it. Wishing you a Happy New Year

  6. Happy Birthday, Christmas and New year.... looks like you have got lots of lovely stitching for 2018... I love the quilt you are doing...

  7. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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