Farewell 2014!

I love lists, but they do hold you accountable!  My finished project tally for 2014 was;
 4 mini quilts, 2 wall hangings, 12 cot quilts, 2 lap quilts, 3 single bed quilts and 2 double bed quilts!  
Not too bad if I don't say so myself!
There was lots of dreaming about I would make in 2014 and this wall hanging was top of my wish list.
Bittersweet briar -  was on the wish list = completed!
On my wish list I managed to make 4 out of the 8 desired projects...so while that isn't great, I take comfort in the fact that one "wish" was to make a charity quilt and I ended up making 3!
Leaders and enders from wish list = I managed to make four blocks!
On the UFO list....well not so good there, there are currently 9 items unfinished, four of which I started in 2014!  
...but I did finish this ancient UFO, finally in December!
All Aussie creatures great and small, a pattern by Millamac.  
This is a sneaky finish as my friend and long arm quilter Elaine Kennedy custom quilted it and returned it to me weeks ago and all I had to do was sew the binding, label and hanging sleeve on it.  I ended up going back to her house to use her domestic machine to sewing the binding on before we moved house, but to date it is still without a label or hanging sleeve.
I was going to gift it to my boys for Christmas.  I found them snuggled up under it watching TV, post Christmas.  I had completely forgotten to wrap and present it, but they found it anyway!  Elaine had lots of fun with the quilting, adding extra animals and insects, plus loads of details to the existing animals.  I love it and very happy it is done...one hanging sleeve coming up so it can go on the wall pronto!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Happy New Year to yo and your family. Your list is very impressive with all of your finishes and your latest one with the animals is so super cute. I love the hidden animals made by the quilting. I can see why the kids love it.

  2. Happy New yEar to you. I have a list too......but I often have to make a new one. I'm sure the boys love their finished quilt.

  3. That's a pretty impressive completed list. The quilting on your aussie creatures quilt is fabulous! Maybe not all projects we start are meant to be completed? Well that's what some of mine are thinking! Haha. Hope you are busy dreaming up and making a list for your 2015 projects.

  4. Hello,

    I saw your lovely Australian Animals quilt on the blogt. Do you know where I could get the pattern? My son and daughter in law live in Canada and that would be the perfect quilt for them but I am not a quilter, I am a knitter and would like to see if I could adapt the pattern to knit it.

    Kind regards, Dianne


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