Road trip and a quilt show

On Sunday we had a family road trip to Warrnambool, so the kids could see a miniature train exhibition and that I could attend the Southern Right Quilt Show.  
Dresden's by  Barbara Johnston
Jelly Explosions by Ann Donaldson
Fundraiser quilt by Ann Donaldson
Chocolate and Raspberries by Janine Carson
Denim Quilt by Brenda Harrison
 Bush Pig by Alison Withers
Pies and Tarts by Helen Breen
 Check out this quilt....those blocks are log cabin and stripe pieced diamonds.  Apologies to the maker Anna Bradley, I cannot make out what she titled this quilt, but it was a favorite - especially as I am neck deep in log cabins at present!
Ballarat Beauties by Joanne Donovan
We had a great day out, the kids also enjoyed the fantastic playground and the scrumptious fish and chips in the park before the long trip home.
Loot purchased by me!
As I type we are experiencing a rain storm like I have never seen before, it is just hammering down.  We got an inch of rain last Friday and Saturday - to get more rain in such volume is so unusual in January.  It has been raining steadily for the last two hours, luckily I did the five loads of washing (did I mention we had 2 lots of visitors) yesterday (and got them all dry) and brought the groceries.  I think if I need to go out today I am going to need a boat...luckily I plan on staying home and sewing!  I am very close to finishing upsizing my log cabins ;)
I have only had to unpick a few logs....cannot have duplicate fabrics in a "scrappy" quilt.  
Happy quilting, Sue


  1. Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy so you don't have to go outside. Thanks for sharing some beautiful quilt photos. Stay dry!

  2. Now that is a win win for the whole family! Thanks for sharing some quilt candy. Nice loot too!


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