Citrus Basket

Its SEW easy to procrastinate!
 This fabric basket (free pattern online  is suppose to be a box/rectangle shape but I just used the interfacing I had in the cupboard and it wasn't heavy enough.
 But its a handy size to keep a few sewing things...even though it has a kitchen print liner!
 Ah just perfect for my pattern collection.  Oops there's another pattern I have never made...hmmm and I have been wanting a summer table runner...hmmm in citrus colours would be nice ;)
 More the form of shopping.  This beautiful print was perfect for my log cabin backing, found at my local multinational outlet starting with S - the shop I love to whinge about.  But surprising I am fairly happy with the new local shop, there is a small section of quilting fabric, but it was neat, tidy, the bolts were colour sorted, there was a mix of reproductions and moderns, all easy to view AND this was $9.06 per metre...yep I was pleasantly surprised.  

So after all that faffing around, I sewed the blocks into vertical rows -which is a first for me!  I do have a photo of them in the zig zag layout, but blogger will only load half the photo - not sure what the problem is.  But my issue is making a decision AND doing the math to get the pieced border to fit.  Well probably if I am really honest with myself, the bigger issue is not making too many more citrus coloured projects from the border fabrics....cos I would hate to do the math and then run out of fabric...especially if I had made something else with it!
Right off to find my calculator, 
happy quilting, Sue.


  1. I love your procrastination project.... and it's great for those patterns... mine always get lost amongst the pile of magazine.... your baskets look great set like that...

  2. That is a cute basket. It still looks perfectly serviceable. Have you seen the ones made by Crazy Mom Quilts? She made one in just about every colour to store her scraps in. Your backing fabric was a very good find. My local "S" is now not worth visiting so at least I can save money but not sure where I will get some of my other haby from. It used to be in a quieter shopping centre and you could easily park at any time of the day. Now they are adding a Woolies and Kmart etc to the centre. At the moment parking is restricted and like a maze to get out of. It won't be easy to visit anymore which is disappointing. The basket blocks are looking beautiful.

  3. I know what you mean about S, but sometimes they have what you need at the right price. Your baskets are looking good.


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