Our new house part 2

  Our new kitchen is very spacious, needless to say I have filled most of the cupboards. Except that this morning DH found one more box of kitchen stuff in his shed!!  The removalists accidentally let if in the wrong spot and he had only started unpacking his shed since Christmas.
 The day before Christmas I was busy in the kitchen.  I made gingerbread men and a gingerbread house, which the kids helped me decorate, which was lots of fun, I was just happy I got the darn thing to stand up!  ; )  Shay this photo is especially for YOU!
I have a lovely corner pantry, with loads of space.  The oven goes well and cooked the roast turkey and vegetables to perfection on Christmas day.  After lunch my Dad and brothers played cricket against my boys and DH, the kids were thrilled to win, so you can be sure they will ask for a repeat game next year!  
 This is the dining area off the kitchen and family room.  The view is lovely out this window and the kitchen window, those are camellia bushes outside and beyond those are some native shrubs that the birds love to dart around.
 These are the first batch of minced pies I made. which sadly will be fed to next doors chooks...I forgot to put sugar in the pastry...the sweet mix did not make up for it, they were awful!  Luckily I had time to make a second batch successfully
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families and everyone got home safely.  We are enjoying the post Christmas quiet period, while the kids play happily (mostly) with their new toys and I continue to potter around organising things (eg pack up tree, unpack recently discovered box and usual domestic stuff) and contemplate my sewing area.  Honestly I had plans for sewing from 26th Dec, but they haven't eventuated into action.  I am quite happy reading, making Lego, receiving visitors who are dropping in to see the new house and just relaxing.  When I find my sewing mojo I will let you know!  Happy quilting, Sue.  


  1. Love your big kitchen, perfect for cooking up a storm with the boys. Enjoy the peace.

  2. lovely photos, enjoy your new space, hope to catch up sometime in 2015.

  3. Your kitchen has so much storage! Lucky you. I hope you didn't have to do too much re-arranging to accommodate that lone box. Sounds like you are all settling in beautifully.


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