All day quilting - May

Yesterday we were a smaller than usual band of merry quilters, but very productive. Stacy arrived early and left for a few hours to coach her daughters netball team, but still managed to pin and start quilting this batik quilt.  In fact a few quilts were pinned, with good reason, as this week the temperature gauge in Adelaide plummeted from a lovely 30 C to a wintery 15C!
Rose showed us the lovely Sudoku quilt she has made for her son.  
Rose spent her day working on these colourful blocks.  Sorry at the time I thought they made a great picture laid out like this, but now I realised you cannot see the full block, just the pretty colours!
Sam and Vicki were working on the same project, which they often do.  This is Sam's swoon block.
And this is Vicki's swoon block...I hope I got that right!
Sam showed us her completed quilt, made for a neighbour.  I am sorry I didn't take a photo of the pieced backing as it was very cleverly done.  I neglected to ask Sam where she got the pattern for this quilt, it is a very effect design and use of solids.
Shez was machine quilting her purple elephant quilt.  Again a great pattern, forgot to ask where it came from, sorry!
Jonelle finished off her big twister animal quilt.  Jonelle used the most gorgeous giraffe print as her border and most of the animals appear to "pop up" in the twister blades, which looked very effective.  
Cathy was working on some blocks (oops sorry didn't get a picture) but also was finishing off this great kids quilt.  She used her scraps to make the braid sashings and then used the trimmings to make the binding - which really sets the quilt off.
This quilt makes me want to use up some colourful scraps.  Except I have a preference for those muddy tones, which worked in my favour yesterday when I decided I just might make a Dresden Sunflower block...just because I can and it helps to use up the stash!
 I didn't get to finish it off, as the navy background I grabbed from my stash (in a hurry) wasn't wide enough and I only had black for the centre, but then decided I really wanted chocolate brown.  
Apologies that I don't have pictures of Jill's work nor of Bronwyn's, despite the fact I was sitting next to the them.  Bronwyn has a new toy - a scanning/cutting machine and she was teaching herself to use it and made some very nice shapes for applique!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS special hello to Heather, hope its not too cold in eastern Victoria, please consider this the ADQ report!


  1. Im always really impressed when I see the same block done in different colour ways. Shows how different fabrics can totally change the look of a quilt! Both the swoon blocks look terrific though.

    Im not usually a fan of greens but the Sudoku quilt looks wonderful! Beautifully put together. And those elephants are adorable...seriously cute.

    Love the braid sashing on the kids quilt too – great idea.

    Your sunflower is lovely ...going to look fabulous on a chocolate background.

    Whew ! You guys were busy!

  2. Lots of lovely bright show and tell. I'm not usual a green fan either, but the Sudoku quilt is great.

  3. So lovely to see all the beautiful and different pieces....

  4. What a lovely day you must of had. It must be fun going around checking out what everyone is up to. I know I would have to do that too.


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