Blue and white quilts rock!

Remember this flimsy?

Well my trusty long arm quilting friend Elaine Kennedy turned it into this...
I think I am in love!
Good answer!
I did wear a hole in my finger stitching down the binding, this QS quilt is big by my standards!  I finished the binding watching season four of Downton Abbey on DVD.   I cannot say I have been super busy this week, but I have been buying fabric and wadding.  That retail therapy enabled me to finish the cot quilt I started last weekend, add a border to a panel to make a second cot quilt and back another panel, all of which I then spray basted, so I guess that means I will be quilting all weekend!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. the quilt is gorgeous.. and especially now it has been given a body.... doesn't it make such a difference....
    enjoy your sewing weekend...

  2. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the pattern and, of course, a two color quilt is one of my favorite designs. You should be in love!

  3. Fantastic finish. The quilting looks great, and the dark binding finishes it off perfectly. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Your quilt looks gorgeous, the Baptist Fan quilting finishes it off beautifully. Did you see that one of the quilt mags (Down Under quilting I think?) has a special issue on blue and white quilts this month?

  5. Well if you ever fall out of love with it, I know just where it would look great in my house

  6. That quilting was the perfect finishing touch to an already beautiful quilt top. I absolutely adore this quilt and Im standing in line behind Quilt Sue in case you ever want to do a giveaway!

  7. That is one gorgeous blue and white quilt. The quilting really finishes it off. I just love that cartoon!

  8. The quilt is lovely and nothing like a bit of binding with a good DVD.


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