One more childs quilts and a little shopping trip

What do you do on a Saturday morning when DH flies in with jet lag, desperate for some sleep and you have two excited noisy boys in the house?  I let the kids play computer games in my sewing room, but I was blocked from my latest project (which I had left in the lounge room) while hubby was napping.   These are my purchases from Hetties Patch - which I have started to prep, for a new project. 
That black print down the bottom is a Primitive Gathering, from the same range as the black and tan log cabin wall hanging I just made!  And the soft green print I discovered I already had at home in the form of a fat quarter!
This is my new project, Bittersweet Briar from Simple Graces (book) by Kim Diehl.  Its a large wall hanging and there are two versions in the book, this is the wool on cotton version, but the all cotton version has a cream background.  I would normally always go for the light background, but this colourway really speaks to me, so black it was - but I am using all cotton.  I am discovering that I don't have as many reproductions as I thought.  Hmm think I can justify some more shopping!  And to justify starting a new project, this is going to be my autumn wall hanging, as per my wish list! 
Unable to access all the goodies to start work I started eyeing off all the things IN my sewing room!
I quickly found the box of novelty fabrics that I had cut up.  I chose 4.5" squares, because there seemed to be a good pile of them and I was only aiming for another cot quilt.  I sorted the squares into colours and sewed them into pairs, then fours.  I did have to cut a few more blocks out of the stash to get a bit more variety, but fell in love with the effect.  
My previous I Spy quilts have been a riot of colour and this version gives your eye somewhere to rest.  I added a plain sashing that worked with the ultra busy border fabric.  All this fabric came from my stash.  I was aiming for a gender neutral quilt, but I gave up, I have far more boy fabrics in my stash then girlie ones!  
It feels good to have made a large lap/small SB size quilt all from the cupboard and all in one day!  Mind you DH didn't sleep all day, but he didn't mind that I sewed for most of it!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. What a great project your Autumn wall hanging will be. What sort of applique will you do? I cut a lot of my novelty fabrics into 4.5 inch squares too. Its a versatile size for the community quilts. Wahoo for a quilt top in a day! Great work. I am waiting for sick boy who has been awake since 430am to go to sleep. His belly is full and the coughing has stopped (for now anyway). I have him tucked up on the lounge with quilts. mmmm looks like he has finally fallen asleep.

  2. well done with entertaining the boys in the sewing room... lovely fabrics for that gorgeous new project and well done with the quilt in a day!

  3. Ooooh Im liking that bundle of loveliness from Hetties and it’s all going to look so pretty in your planned project.

    I have far more girly fabrics than boy ones- maybe we need to shop each others stashes !

  4. Yummy fabrics, great for your project. Definitely a good reason for a bit more stash building! Aren't they good little boys for letting you sew all day!


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