New unplanned projects

I finished the mini log cabin wall hanging!  Technically the pattern was in the winter edition of Quiltmania and had a little holly leaf on it, but I thought it would just make a great all year around wall hanging to add to my I just have to convince hubby to put up some hooks for me!
My little school house wall hanging has stalled, as I decided I hated the sashing and cornerstones that I added.  I think the problem is that there is no contrast, because I have used positive and negative blocks together.  I cannot bring myself to use black, but I am beginning to think that a grey or very dark background might be called for.  I am avoiding the unpicking, hence it is being ignored in a corner somewhere.
 I cut backgrounds for the sunflower dresden blocks and got them sewn down, just have to make some centres. I think they are going to be cushions, but we will see.
On Sunday I did another complete flip and started a whole new project.  I saw a tiny ad in a magazine, featuring a charm pack I happened to own - and had no idea what to do with.  
So I started cutting, love the fact there is little required and stitched away the afternoon. Added some pink/white polka dot sashing from my stash.  Then had to nip to the shops to find fabric to make a external sashing, when my stash bit ran out.  I am loving the purple polka dots and don't mind a bit that it doesnt match.  
So now just contemplating if this cute cot quilt flimsy is getting a cotton or minky border.  At this stage I am thinking something warm and cuddly for the backing as well.
This is another attempt to lure the kids into helping me with/enjoying some gardening.  I read this tip in the last edition of Gardening Australia magazine. When you cut off the ends of the spring onions you can "plant" the root end into cotton wool, keep it moist and it will reshoot - you can see the ones that reshot on the right and the next ones I have planted on the left.  Once the roots had a couple of centimeters of green on them I planted them out into the real vegie garden.  So I am hoping that I am going to have a ongoing supply of spring onions, by just replanting the roots!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Those mini quilts are cute! Maybe the houses mini needs to wait for the right fabric to come along or take it shopping for the right fabric. Thanks for tip about shallots. We use a lot so may be we will plant a few.
    Have you seen April around? I have no idea where it went.

  2. I do love your mini quilts.... will be interesting to see how the onions go....


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