Charity quilts

I am still the blog keep for the charity quilt group, Quilts from the Heart.  If you have a cup of coffee in hand and wish to join in some show and tell, pop over to HERE to see the lovely quilts the group have finished just in time for donating before winter kicks in.
I love a good churn dash quilt, how cute is this!
My normal blogging will resume later in the week, after the carpet layers have gone and my house is back in my Easter visitors have left, school holidays have finished and a broken down computer has been fixed, I am nearly ready to recommence quilting and blogging!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Sounds like a busy time......and a well deserved rest coming up. Enjoy your new carpet!

  2. Wowsers you certainly have had a lot going on. So happy to hear you will be able to find some time for yourself to sew.

  3. Definitely a cheerful churn dash.

  4. Howdy stranger. Nice to hear you'll be rejoining us soon. Sounds like the last few weeks have chucked some challenges your way!

    The churn dash is just lovely. I keep seeing these pop up and I think Im going to have to put one of my list of quilts to make. Its some kind of sign!


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