Sewing road trip

My bags are packed, the car is full and I am off for a sewing weekend with my mother and two friends. 

 We are meeting at The Sanctuary in Bordertown (half way) for lots of quilty fun.  Hopefully I will have some project progress to report on Sunday night, or even a completed quilt...if I am not too tired to blog!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS I have packed far too many things (two new projects and three UFO's), does anyone else do that?


  1. You lucky girls! Although the boot looks like it's full of sewing, don't forget a change of clothes!

  2. Have a wonderful time. I never make much on retreats I talk toooo much.

  3. I always take several projects away with me...How can you know what you'll feel like working on when you get where you;re going ? One must be prepared. Have fun!

  4. HAVE FUN!!!! I would probably pack too much too especially if you are taking a car. Can't wait to see what you get up to.


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