Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry bags

You have seen this quilt before.  But I didn't tell you that I decided to donate this quilt to Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry bags, to a serving member of the Australian Defence Forces.  It is now in transit overseas and hopefully when it reaches its its owner they will know that I appreciate their service, keeps them warm and is a reminder of the hard job they did and the sacrifice their families make while they are away.
 It is accompanied by a matching laundry bag.  Matching only because I had some of the left over backing fabric, which ironically has army jeeps on it and has been in my stash for a long time.  I originally brought this fabric because it was navy blue and on has been a great backing.border for several boys charity quilts.  It was only fitting that the last of it went into a quilt and laundry bag for a soldier.  
Through this donation I have met a whole bunch of new quilting friends and yesterday four of us got together in Adelaide to sew.  I had not had time to prepare anything, so I found the scrap 2.5" block box and started making more four patches.  A little pile had grown into a big pile by the end of the day.
 During the day Mary (who hosted the day at her lovely home) gifted me this block so I could work out how to make one at home.  I love scrap quilts, but never thought to use blue and green together, this is now my new favorite combo!  This block is 12" so perfect for scrappy charity quilts.

 When I got home I couldn't resist trying out the method she showed me to make the two coloured wedge bit out of scrap 2.5"strips I had sitting by my sewing table.  
 But the real temptation was to find a suitable background fabric for my scrappy four patches so I could keep sewing. I wasn't sure what size to cut the triangles, but cut a 10" square, cut twice to make four triangles, still too big, so I cut them in half and they were perfect!  Sew a new quilt is underway!

This is the loot I purchased from The Quilt Basket at Victor Harbour last weekend.  Some Aussie novelty fabrics, which I want to use in a Aussie Hero quilt, one lovely reproduction, giraffes cos they are my favorite (and the kids are still made keen on African animals) and the birds just because.  
These matching panels were irresistible, they will make a good boys quilt one day for that budding astronaut!  My first "real" job was with DSTO (Defence Science Technology Organisation) the research arm for Defence and I have long standing joke with friends about my time working with the "rocket scientists".  
Perhaps these are going "straight to the pool room"!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. One of our serving men or ladies is going to really appreciate that quilt and laundry bag. You did a beautiful job on both.

    The four patches look wonderful in their setting fabric. And finally wow...look at all that novelty fabric. You certainly picked up an interesting haul.

  2. What a perfect destination for your quilt, well done. The navy background is perfect for your scrappy squares, it looks great. Nice purchases have a wonderful novelty collection.

  3. Great fabrics you found at The Quilt Basket. I think they were at the Stitches and Craft show at Rosehill last week and I know that because I may have bought some of their fabrics. That fabric you used for the laundry bag looks like one of those workhorse fabrics. It must feel good to use that fabric up. How wonderful to meet some new quilty friends and have a sewing day. It looks like you powered through those four patches. I like the setting you are using for them. And that block looks like a great block for a quilt.

  4. Your quilt will be warmly appreciated by a service person.

  5. Lovely quilt for the Aussie heros, I sent them one last year. lots of great sewing and I love the bright parrot fabric that you picked up, Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  6. What a lovely gesture I'm sure it will be loved. You did have some finds at VH.

  7. Love those Aussie fabrics! I've made a few quilt covers for Aussie Heroes, although I didn't see who received them (sometimes Jan posts photos of the servicemen with their quilts), but it didn't matter. I was just happy to give something to our guys and girls in the services.


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