Pink and White Chevron quilt

I sewed the last binding stitches down this week, after the Pink and White Chevron (57" x 83") came back from the long arm quilter the week before. 
 I had a hard time decided which quilting pattern to use.  With such a strong pattern I didn't want to overwhelm it with a fancy quilting design.  Of course custom quilted feathers would have been grand, but outside the budget and over the top for the primary school aged girl, who will own this quilt.
We settled on this simple daisy design in a variegated thread.  Which matches the pink daisy design on the backing fabric.  Hot pink is not usually my colour but it is growing on me, especially with crisp white!
There was a large gathering of African animals at our house (again) this week, as they eagerly anticipated watching the great race...with a water feature!
I missed the starters gun, but found the winners and losers all lined up with their prizes allocated - after two boys had gone to bed.  Apparently Cheetahs and Lions cannot run fast over LONG distances (duh Mum?!) and hence the Wildebeest won, closely followed by the Zebra.  Third was undecided.  I am just surprised that nobody got eaten at the start line!  
Happy quilting, Sue SA
PS Did I ever mention that we go through a lot of sticky tape in our house?


  1. A perfect quilting pattern for a lucky little girl.

  2. Love the chevron design, so versatile. Pink is a mysterious colour in a house full of boys. Recently bought hubby a pink polo which raised a few eyebrows......decided to call it melon after that!

  3. Gorgeous quilt, I like the quilting. I find I buy alot of pink, its probably the colour I have the most of in m stash but then I dont use much of it. Arre there going to be any more chevron quilts from you?

  4. I think the daisy quilting is perfect for this quilt , and its going to well loved. Im seeing this one being dragged around for years and years until it falls apart when the recipient is in her 80’s. A fabulous finish!

    Your boys animal games crack me up every time. They’re so creative (and realistic!)

  5. Pretty, pretty quilt. I think the quilting design looks great. The laws of the jungle eh?


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