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200th post

In my mind I had planned a special 200th post, but alas this morning  I am unorganised, uninspired and procrastinating!  These are my finishes from last weekend, a boys I spy quilt I FINALLY quilted for Heart Kids SA.  The top started by my team from our Heart Kids sewing session in Feb, also quilted and bound.
 And the quilt that my mother took home from the Feb sewing bee, to quilt and bind.  I think I still need to check it for unclipped ends and they all needs labels.
This is what I have been doing while I have been procrastinating...(from bottom to top) washing newly purchased flannel, finding a backing for the Scrappy Trips Around the World (not pieced it yet) and pinning a table topper.  This is the reason behind my procrastinating and frustration.  I had vowed to finish a UFO this weekend.  And I was well on my way to achieving that goal, with the rainbow QAYG string blocks.  But I couldn't remember the method/measurement that I used for binding and joining the blocks the…

Vintage machine fun

I drove a willing friend to a Biggest Morning tea (with a difference) last weekend.  Ray and Lorraine opened their home, to display Ray's collection of machines, Lorraine's collection of quilts and the local quilting group cooked up a delicious array of morning tea treats, all to raise funds for the Cancer Council.These cute machines were in a display case, which was lucky because that eliminated the temptation to take one home!  Naturally the red one was my favorite! I loved the rounded design of this machine though.  There were a few millinery sewing machines, as well as ordinary domestic machines.
You see lots of black machines, but not many silver!  This reminds me of the original aeroplanes, with its lovely shine and simple design.  Nothing fancy, but a good solid stitch I am sure.
The beauty of this outing was that I got to have a hand crank sew on this machine.  I have a hand crank machine, but no idea how to thread it (or the bobbin) or service it.  So I got the titl…

Saturday distractions

Its the end of the week, its been a busy week.  You think you can sneak in a little quilting.  An hour passes and your surprised at how much you have achieved.  Awoken at the crack of dawn the next day you spend time at the machine instead of on the computer....and it pays off!
Don't mind the fact that this HeartKids SA top has been in your sewing room for months, its a finish!  Well nearly, just have to find the binding, its here somewhere under all this mess...
Phew,  I found the teal sister.... Boosted by your recent finish you trot off to the quilting shop, with a shopping list of three items, necessary to finish three different WIP that NEED finishing.  Alas you have a child in tow and the shop doesn't have the items you came for (although free advice for a cost saving measure, reduces the need for one purchase) HOWEVER said child finds new favorite fabric.... Which justifies purchases for a NEW project.....because your oldest born cannot possibly have too many quilts! An…

Victorian catch up

Last weekend was a long weekend in most states of Australia, plus our children had a day off school on the Friday.  We made the most of this extra long weekend to go and visit my family in Victoria.  My mother made the most of this opportunity to organise a surprise catch up with Lisa and Vicki, for me to see the progress of their quilts, since our weekend away together in Bordertown.
I was not expecting much progress, because I haven't achieved much, as it was less then a month ago!  However lucky Lisa has had a week off and was very productive sewing her triangles together into a top.  Lisa only started cutting on our weekend away, so has been very busy.
She also made these blocks on her week off, I just love these fabrics!
Vicki has made great progress with her Double Wedding Ring blocks and is very pleased with the outcome.  I am defiantly in the market for one of these special rulers, when I find out the name I will let you know, as it looked "easy". I say "ea…

Stitching update

I should have posted on the weekend, but really got distracted with life, kids and trying to squeeze in a few more minutes at the machine!  Since coming home from Bordertown retreat I have been hand sewing my chocolate stars into a completed sister, while viewing my way through the complete set of Downton Abby on DVD.  Significant progress has been made on the teal stars and they are ready to be sewn together.
The time that I have been able to sit at the machine though has been spent working on my Zig Zag Quilt.  I really love the colours, sorry it is a bit dark, but the top half is alternated with a light blue, which doesn't appear as sharp in this photo as the white. I am really pleased with the progress, all the blocks were in rows (on diagonal) and just needed to sew the rows together.  Alas it is not as wide as I would like, so I have gone back to making blocks and trying to salvage every last piece of fabric in each colour to add two blocks to each row.  Happy quilting, Sue …