Vintage machine fun

I drove a willing friend to a Biggest Morning tea (with a difference) last weekend.  Ray and Lorraine opened their home, to display Ray's collection of machines, Lorraine's collection of quilts and the local quilting group cooked up a delicious array of morning tea treats, all to raise funds for the Cancer Council.
These cute machines were in a display case, which was lucky because that eliminated the temptation to take one home!
 Naturally the red one was my favorite!
I loved the rounded design of this machine though.  There were a few millinery sewing machines, as well as ordinary domestic machines.
You see lots of black machines, but not many silver!  This reminds me of the original aeroplanes, with its lovely shine and simple design.  Nothing fancy, but a good solid stitch I am sure.
The beauty of this outing was that I got to have a hand crank sew on this machine.  I have a hand crank machine, but no idea how to thread it (or the bobbin) or service it.  So I got the titles of some specialist books from Ray, so I can look up the details of my machine. 
 And I got to treadle to my hearts content on this machine!  I discovered it is harder to get started on a treadle then you would think.  If you don't start off the right way the wheel goes backwards and you break your thread.  I got the hang of it fairly quickly though.  So now I am lusting after a treadle, in a beautiful cabinet!  I can see the risk of having one though, every child that came into the house would want to have a "play", but I guess that's exactly what I was doing too!

Happy quilting, Sue SA.

PS Pop over to my other BLOG to see the quilts we have donated to charity this week.


  1. How fun Sue, some of those little ones are really awesome.... I learnt to sew on one like the last one but not treadle - it was only hand crank. I would love to own a treadle too.... just fancy the idea of it...

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a day -among those beautiful old machines having a play.

    I had treadle machine from a young age and used to use it as a desk. I wish I still had it.

    Im with you the red machine is definitely the cutest!

  3. How lovely to see all these machines!

  4. Sounds like a good day out, for a good cause, I have posted your DVD back to you along with the leftover bits from The Sanctuary, hope it arrives soon.

  5. Isn't Ray just the best.....he knows so much about old machines and did up an old treadle for me - it looks like new! Lorraine is so generous opening her home for these events - good on you! hugs from a very cold Robe! xx (and thanks for Downton Abbey in Bordertown!!)

  6. Some of those machines don't look as though they could ever have been used. It must have been fascinating to see them.

  7. oh wow, that would have been awesome for you to try and see!! right up your alley ;-)

  8. Wow! Those machines are awesome! So beautifully restored!!! I would love to see them one day :-)


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