Victorian catch up

Last weekend was a long weekend in most states of Australia, plus our children had a day off school on the Friday.  We made the most of this extra long weekend to go and visit my family in Victoria.  My mother made the most of this opportunity to organise a surprise catch up with Lisa and Vicki, for me to see the progress of their quilts, since our weekend away together in Bordertown.
I was not expecting much progress, because I haven't achieved much, as it was less then a month ago!  However lucky Lisa has had a week off and was very productive sewing her triangles together into a top.  Lisa only started cutting on our weekend away, so has been very busy.
She also made these blocks on her week off, I just love these fabrics!
Vicki has made great progress with her Double Wedding Ring blocks and is very pleased with the outcome.  I am defiantly in the market for one of these special rulers, when I find out the name I will let you know, as it looked "easy". I say "easy" as I am still not convinced that it is one of those patterns you can be slap dash about it, but the ruler certainly reduced the need for cutting all those fiddly pieces of the rings individually, which is a big time saver.
Mum got a final border out her stash and sewn onto the fish quilt. 
Mum had to search the shops for this great red spot print for the car quilt, which I don't think I showed you previously, but she did start at Bordertown.
This was my contribution to show and tell (because the Zig Zag quilt top was still in pieces at home), as you can see (in the poor light, top LH corner) the teal sister is nearly finished and the yellow stars are WIP.  We had to share our show and tell space with my boys and their train tracks!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Beautiful projects there and I sense a lot of progress has been made in a short time.

    Love that car quilt (I've just used the very same fabric ) and the 7 sisters look fabulous all laid out to be shown off .

    I keep thinking about one of those wedding ring rulers too...but I do think you;re right . You cant be slap dash about a wedding ring quilt and Im not sure Im up for that level of challenge yet!

  2. some really lovely quilts there... lots of talent...

  3. Oooo nice quilt tops! have you got any more sisters to make?


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