Stitching update

I should have posted on the weekend, but really got distracted with life, kids and trying to squeeze in a few more minutes at the machine!  Since coming home from Bordertown retreat I have been hand sewing my chocolate stars into a completed sister, while viewing my way through the complete set of Downton Abby on DVD.  Significant progress has been made on the teal stars and they are ready to be sewn together.
The time that I have been able to sit at the machine though has been spent working on my Zig Zag Quilt.  I really love the colours, sorry it is a bit dark, but the top half is alternated with a light blue, which doesn't appear as sharp in this photo as the white.
I am really pleased with the progress, all the blocks were in rows (on diagonal) and just needed to sew the rows together.  Alas it is not as wide as I would like, so I have gone back to making blocks and trying to salvage every last piece of fabric in each colour to add two blocks to each row. 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Love the sisters blocks, but not likely to happen in my house if they are done by hand. Have worked my way through series 1 of Downton Abbey and am so hooked, but now have to wait until I can get series 2 before I can go any further!

  2. When you're finished making your Seven Sisters quilt would you mind making one for me? It's beautiful!

    And Im a huge fan of zig zag quilts ...LOVE those colours .

  3. they both look great... I have enjoyed Downton Abbey too....


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