Saturday distractions

Its the end of the week, its been a busy week.  You think you can sneak in a little quilting.  An hour passes and your surprised at how much you have achieved.  Awoken at the crack of dawn the next day you spend time at the machine instead of on the computer....and it pays off!
Don't mind the fact that this HeartKids SA top has been in your sewing room for months, its a finish!  Well nearly, just have to find the binding, its here somewhere under all this mess...
Phew,  I found the teal sister....
Boosted by your recent finish you trot off to the quilting shop, with a shopping list of three items, necessary to finish three different WIP that NEED finishing.  Alas you have a child in tow and the shop doesn't have the items you came for (although free advice for a cost saving measure, reduces the need for one purchase) HOWEVER said child finds new favorite fabric....
Which justifies purchases for a NEW project.....because your oldest born cannot possibly have too many quilts! And its nearly his birthday.  AND there is no justification for the fact I am easily distracted!
Because who really really needs fabric of foxes and gumboot wearing donkeys?  And I cannot even blame the child, as he was happy with his construction fabric.....the rest was my idea!
Including this panel which was on sale and we all have a soft spot for Maisy at our house.  I probably should have brought four of these panels, as DH was telling the story he read about recently of the parents with three boys that through they would try for #4 with the hope of a girl....they are now pregnant with quads...two girls and two boys!  Hmmm "lets start counting! seems a bit cheeky for that family, but otherwise I am hoping it makes a nice quick baby gift for down the track.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. lovely quilt... yes, it is amazing what you can get done if you get off the computer!!! haha... I'm off!

  2. Great Heart Kids quilt. Cross that one off the list. YEAH! Looks to me that you scored good when you went shopping.

  3. You had a crazy good time shopping by the looks of it. First rule of any kind of shopping is dont take the kids!


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