200th post

In my mind I had planned a special 200th post, but alas this morning  I am unorganised, uninspired and procrastinating!  These are my finishes from last weekend, a boys I spy quilt I FINALLY quilted for Heart Kids SA.
 The top started by my team from our Heart Kids sewing session in Feb, also quilted and bound.
 And the quilt that my mother took home from the Feb sewing bee, to quilt and bind.  I think I still need to check it for unclipped ends and they all needs labels.
This is what I have been doing while I have been procrastinating...(from bottom to top) washing newly purchased flannel, finding a backing for the Scrappy Trips Around the World (not pieced it yet) and pinning a table topper.
 This is the reason behind my procrastinating and frustration.  I had vowed to finish a UFO this weekend.  And I was well on my way to achieving that goal, with the rainbow QAYG string blocks.  But I couldn't remember the method/measurement that I used for binding and joining the blocks the first time I did QAYG and I have been less that satisfied with my "from memory" version. 
Plus I realised that somewhere along the track one of the orange blocks was cut smaller then the rest.  Resulting in the sashings not forming a straight line and meaning that I will have to trim all down one edge, to make them the same width. 
So while this quilt is just awaiting its edge binding, I am certainly unimpressed with my efforts.  DS1 on the other hand is delighted and has been wrapping himself up in it, rolling around on his favorite colours and crowing to DS2 that he has a new special quilt that Mum made just for him!

So in order to find the mojo to finish this "mess" and learn to live with it (my kid likes it so what if I don't!) AND then the motivation to start the next UFO but do a MUCH better job, I am blogging! 

Sorry perhaps I will do a fancy pants 200+ post....we will see! Happy quilting Sue SA. 


  1. Lots of good finishes there and post 201 is just as special.

  2. Congratulations on 200 posts!!! Awesome!!! You are such a wonderful contributor to making charity quilts. I am looking forward to seeing your next 200 posts.

  3. Well done on reaching the 200 mark, I am not far behind, have clocked up 196, maybe I better do a few quick posts in the next few days to catch you up!!

  4. Happy 200th Sue! That’s quite an achievement.

    I know the feeling well of wanting to chuck a project in the corner in disgust when things aren’t going exactly the way I want them to. But I think DS’s quilt looks lovely

    As do all of the other finishes you’ve showcased.

  5. I think that's a lovely post for #200.....

  6. congrats on your 200th!! thats a big effort Sue so well done!


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