Vintage Sewing Machines Galore

While I was in Victoria we took a day trip to Maryborough in Central Victoria, to visit the Flour Mill Gallery, which has a permanent display of a private collection of vintage and antique sewing machines.
 I don't know anything much about old sewing machines, but there were over 300 machines, from different eras,
all sorts of different colours,
and made in different countries by different manufacturers.
 Some were antique and just gorgeous with special shapes,
 and others just captured my heart.
 There were rare machines, like these pocket (!) sized sewing machines,
 and more common children's toy sewing machines,
 which I adore for their colours,
 cuteness and size!
There was so much to see and if you are a real machine devotee you can visit the Sew What website for the facts and more photos HERE.
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. How lovely to see all those... the bright colours are fun...

  2. Lovely old machines, and lovely to meet you on Friday, and thankyou for getting the book. Have a good week.

  3. Little Betty what a wonderful name for a sewing machine.

  4. I really must visit the museum! How interesting. Glad you got to go there - did you visit any shops as well? You know I mean patchwork shops!

  5. Thanks for the tour. What great colours some of them were. And the styling. Todays sewing machines seem a bit boring compared to these. I think I still prefer my more modern one for the features though.

  6. Thank you Sue - so glad you enjoyed our museum. We now have more red toy machines on display :)
    Judi & Wayne McKail
    Sew What display
    Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery


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