Fabric fling

I have been on a roll this week.  I started all fired up because of a meeting I went to on Wednesday night for a up and coming charity quilting day (Sat 2 and 16 Feb at Tricia's Discount Fabrics, Edwardstown).  I had helped out a little last year with making humbug bags for Girls on Track, but had not realised that Peg also contributed (in a major way) to the HeartKids South Australia  fundraising - by making quilts of course!  So when she told use that 2-3 kids go to Melbourne for heart surgery A WEEK from Adelaide I knew I had to jump on board.  Not only that but of all the fabric Peg had accumulated (given and purchased out of her own pocket) , she had an abundance of novelties suitable for girls, but not as much for boys....he he he, well I can certainly help out there!!!
This quilt is approx 41 x 48 and just made of 8.5" squares, as that made the best use of SOME the wonderful cowboy fabric that friend and blogger Karen sent me.  As you can see the "backing" fabric (blue print) that I brought at the Boxing Day sales, made the perfect accent fabric! 
This quilt is only 32" x 40" so I am thinking a 6" border of the blue "backing" fabric will make it a decent size - that is today's job!  The cute horseshoe fabric and what looks like check fabric (and is but the checks are made of rope!) were only small pieces, so they got cut into four patches.  I do have a bit more fabric from this collection, plus my own cowboy stash, so I hope to get at least one more top made from them.

After I had finished these flimsies yesterday I didn't want to stop.  I had been eyeing off the little 12" quilt that Lori has been giving instructions to on her blog Humble Quilts.  Ironically I had the same issues the original quilter probably had, a lack of fabric choice, but only because my reproduction collection is small.  I am regretting a the use of the cream fabric with pink stars a bit, but not enough to unpick.....yet! 
Please forgive me but now I am going to go backwards in time, to prove that I didn't waste time last weekend either!
I had a major clean up in my sewing room, which took time, but was worth it!  I now have my stash down to two of the four draws, but they are full!  There is also a box missing here, that contains all my pre cut novelties, which I will be sewing with today...plenty of boys fabrics to play with!
 I had explored the jungle that is our veggie garden and picked our first corn, more zucchini's, tomatoes and a few snow peas - I haven't had much luck with the snow pea's due to the heat.  This overgrown zucchini had already been cut into, as I have been taking out the seed centre part and grating the rest and freezing it for winter, when hot Zucchini Slice will be yummy!
Most importantly I pieced the 3 orange blocks and one purple required to make up this UFO and then the Rainbow String Wagga was joined into rows. 
About the time I started on this project I was joined by two small helpers.  So we had some fun identifying colours, finding suitable strings to making into sashing and counting the appropriate strips I cut.  But I didn't get to join them on the back (its a Quilt As You Go project), so some more work to be done here....perhaps when holidays are over and I don't have so many "helpers" wanting to use the machine, or drive their car's on my cutting mat!  DS1 has claimed this quilt, he likes rainbows ;-) !
Happy quilting, Sue SA. 


  1. I think your version of Lori's little quilt turned out darling! And I LOVE the string-pieced rainbow quilt - such fun colors! I know what you mean about having little 'helpers' - they really do mean well, huh?

  2. you have done lots of lovely sewing.... and tidying up!!

  3. That string pieced quilt is so modern looking. Do you find the blocks take long to make? I participated in a string block bee and I found they took a surprisingly long time to make. I love the cowboy quilts too, they are sure to be well appreciated. Your sewing cupboard looks great, do you want to come and sort mine out? I really have to spend some time cleaning up!

  4. Love what you have done with the cowboy fabric. So very happy it has been used and still not sitting in my house. Such a good cause too. Thank you for taking it and using it. The block looks lovely and vintagey. My son complains I don't make him quilts anymore. Its nice when they claim a quilt as their own, unless of course its earmarked for someone else.


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