My beach house

Linking up with Shays Favorite Things Friday I am going to show you what I got for my birthday in December...a Lego beach house!  I have always wanted a Lego house, but didn't think DH would buy me one - in Lego or an actual bricks and mortar. However he is obviously a wonderful indulgent man or perhaps he just wanted to keep me entertained for hours with the kids so he could watch the cricket in peace and quiet!! The house can be made into three different designs, I like this one as it comes with a snack shack...because in Lego land milkshakes and hamburgers with the lot are calorie free!
Yesterday we woke up to a complete lack of running water.  Hanging out in my PJ's with the kids for the morning seemed like a good plan, given that I couldn't wash floors, clean bathrooms, run the dishwasher, complete the two loads of washing or even wash the dishes!  We have a water tank so I carted a couple of full watering cans in to fill cisterns and hand basins and then I went and hid in the sewing room...until the water came back on at 3pm, when I had to play grown ups and do my chores!

This is the progress I have made on my Scrappy Trips Around the World.  I have now completed 16 blocks (12.5" in size) and just got to decide on the lay out and IF I want to make some more?
I was in such a hurry to start sewing these blocks, because I already had a large box of pre cut 2.5" strips.  But on the downside I didn't have any pre cut pieces to make my leaders and enders spool blocks...hmmm what to do?

I just started ANOTHER new leaders and enders project! Rummaging through my 2.5" strip box I discovered I had also cut 2.5" squares.  So I used those to make 4 patch leaders and enders.  There are a couple of pictures of quilt ideas in the box, one that has four patches (all mediums or darks) set in a zig zag design, using a solid sashing.  Please note my Clover forked pins, perfect for getting perfect seams meeting, especially when making four patches and Scrappy Trips Around the world!

So we are three weeks into the new year and I have started two new projects...I think the chances of me finishing anything old this year is remote...I have already enrolled for two workshops in March and April! 
OK I am off now to make a Tim Tam cake, as per link on Shay's blog...after a few weeks of wining and dining at Christmas surely we all need an extra chocolaty treat?!  Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. the trip around is a great way to use up the scraps... mine went down so quick.. and I am also cutting up the smaller blocks with the little scraps... you sound much more organised for a scrappy quilt...

  2. Love the Lego beach house!Your scrappy trips around the world quilt looks great. It's on my 'to do' list as I got quite excited about it when Rita (from Red Pepper Quilts) put the link in her post. But I'm still working on my cushion swap piece, so maybe after that's finished. But then I have to finish my Valentine's Initial know how it is??? lol

  3. I wish I had a loverly beach house, lucky you.

  4. What a great present... I was tempted by the Scrappy trip but as I had started 2 new projects this year already to add to my humungous pile of ufos I decided no :(

  5. If burgers and milkshakes are really calorie free in Lego land maybe I should head down to the toy shop. Love your beach house. And your husband is fabulous for thinking of getting this for a gift. I didn’t know you were a Lego fan!

    Thank Goodness you have a tank...a lack of running water would have meant no coffee for me and that is not the way I want to start my day !

    I can feel myself wavering on my statement that i wasn’t joining in on doing a scrappy trippy quilt .....

    How did your cake turn out?

  6. I'm so going to do that Scrappy Trips quilt soon, though the list of quilts I want to do is endless.

  7. I love making lego. So glad you have your beach house. I would have been tripping around the world if we hadn't been on hols. Any idea how you are going to quilt it?


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