AWOL do you forgive me?

I have been MIA, this last week as I have been hiding out in Western Victoria with the kids visiting my family.  While its nice to catch up with loads of old friends, the best friends are quilters, right!  Look what Lisa brought me for my birthday....she generously brought me a book and the lovely fat bundle of modern fabrics to make a quilt.  Hmmm she said she is challenging me, but I don't think it will be a challenge, more like FUN!
 The cute little red spool of 'thread' is actually a USB stick my friend Clare brought me - very appropriate don't you think?  After the Black Saturday fires our household insurance came up for renewal and I rang them to beat them down on the price (I save $ every year doing this - just by answering a few extra questions!) and asked the do you make a claim when you have nothing pictures or paperwork to prove what you owned?  He advised me to go around the house, taking photos of every room and its contents and then load them onto a USB and give that to someone else for safe keeping (or email them to yourself).  I thought that was a good idea, and did it but it is probably time to update the photos.  OR I could just photograph my quilts and keep them on this stick! 
 I actually made these I Spy bags months ago and carefully hid them for the marathon journey at Christmas time - to entertain the kids in the car.  Well I hid them so carefully I couldn't find them the morning we were leaving.  So I dug them out and took them last week, ideal as I was driving alone and my sanity in the last hour of our journey was being tested. 
I made this quilt flimsy last week before my trip.  It was a last minute project, prompted by my decision to cut up the bulk of my novelty stash into different sized squares - so I could make some quick kids quilts in the future.  Anyway that was the same day I remembered that I promised DS2 kindy teacher I would make a quilt for their dolls bed.  So here it is, ready to be pinned and quilted with only one week to go before school and kindy goes back!  Yikes better go and get that machine purring!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. some lovely fabrics to play with... I love the idea of the little i spy bags...


  2. Not sure western Victoria would be a great place to hide out at the moment. Hope you had a happy birthday. The ispy bags are a cute idea.

  3. You had some great presents. I specially loved the usb thingy, that's so appropriate.

  4. So happy that you liked your gifts! Its always easier to buy fabric for yourself than for others, I find I tend to pick out fabric I would like to use rather than the person I am buying for! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it. Love the USB, it's so adorable.

  5. What a lovely pressy! I bet you are already planning. I know I would be.


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