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This week DH was away and despite having first dibs on the remote control there was "nothing" to watch on TV!  So dragged out my Seven Sisters hand piecing project and stitched up a few more stars.
 This star has been finished for awhile, but I am unsure how I want to join the "sisters" together.  See how 

the next sister has a secondary pattern in the shirting just in the centre?  You don't get that look in the photo I have to decide if I am going to use a contrasting or the same shirting in the outside of the block. Decisions, decisions!

 These are some of the stars I finished this week...the green, blue and chocolate brown stars...well the dark blue is nearly finished, if only I could find what I did with the last diamond!
 In this sister I made the grey/blue star, green, purple and blue stars this week, now just trying them out in a group.  The light is not the best, I really need to convince DH to come with me an choose a new light fitting - the single bulb one we have is hopeless.  
 The novelty star top got a red border...the red I choose has a tiny orange/red star print.  Now I am stuck for the final border, I want to make it bigger, but cannot find anything to match, mainly as the red is so 
strong, perhaps if I made it smaller?
These blocks I started last year (?) as a scrap quilt for my charity group.  I finally got the blocks together this week, but as you can see I ran out of the pink check.  Luckily when we found some more in the cupboard on Thursday, its the same size check but a softer pink.  Still I was very happy with this, its already got one block where I had to substitute fabric.  Not sure why this picture is so grainy?!  
Happy quilting Sue

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  1. Those sisters are ging to look so wonderful when they are all together. I hope you find the missing blue piece.
    The novelty star top looks fabulous with the red border. I may be too late but what about another blue border with a bit of red in it. Maybe you will have to take it shopping with you.
    I think your charity quilt looks just wonderful with the substituted fabrics. i think it totally adds to the charm of the quilt. But I am a quilter who likes scrappy so maybe I am not the best judge. Non-quilters sometimes don't get the whole scrappy/not matchy matchy thing.


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