I finished a wish list quilt!

I got Liam's quilt back from the long arm quilter (Elaine) Friday night.  It was then a mad rush to buy (who knows what I did with the left over border fabric?) binding fabric, cut, sew and iron it into place and get the label on this morning.
Elaine and I were stumped as to what would be an appropriate all over pattern to use, so she brought one especially for this quilt, how lucky am I!  Can you see the gorgeous checker flags she got!  How cool is that, and it just makes the border look great, much better then plain blue!
And for the back I used up the other dirt bike/motor-cross fabric that I had brought but not needed for the front.
Sorry about the picture, but I had it all hung on the clothesline only to discover the sun was behind me and causing shadows.  That's our "new" shed we had put in a year or two ago now, and lying on the ground in front of it is the little old shed we pulled down...and sold this weekend, yippee!

Liam's quilt left for its home in Western Victoria today on Granny Express Transport, along with this cot quilt I finished last year, that is going to friends that had a baby boy in February.  More sewing planned for day, trying to get a red border on the star quilt and maybe a few more humbug bags made,
happy quilting Sue SA.

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  1. Oh my goodness how perfect is that quilting design!!!!! Wonderful finishes Sue.


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