A kids quilt or Ohio star?

I was a good girl and did the housework and washing BEFORE I hit the sewing room last weekend.  I thought I should do something with these Story Time Star blocks that I made, courtesy of Bonnie Hunter and her free pattern.

 So I choose a sashing, hum well I brought sashing as my stash options were too small and then I sewed the sashing on. Now I have been a quilter for 12 years so I don't have a good excuse, but sometimes you just want to stitch instead of "reverse sew"?! So instead of unpicking or resizing I just ignored the uneven size of these blocks and added sashing and cornerstones. (The cornerstone fabric is lots of colourful hot air balloons, looks much better in real life, I promise!)  The end result looks good so far, but I am sure that at some point in the future l am going to regret it... undoubtedly when it comes to the basting and its not flat?

 Then during the week I managed to sew the rows together and now I need to decide on a border?

The yellow fabric has little wheels on it, busy but fits the theme.  The red is the left over fabric from binding my French General quilt.  I don't think its bright enough?  But I am yet to decide if I will go with this busy roadworks fabric for the border or not?  I have heaps, must have been on sale! ;-)

And then I need to decide which category this top fits into ...on my wish list....so is it a kids quilt or an Ohio star?

Happy quilting, Sue.
PS still haven't tackled the mobile phone instruction book to download the pics from all day quilting, sorry promise to do that this weekend ...it's only a little book...bedtime reading perhaps?
PPS my Internet connection has been SO SLOW today that I managed to add the last few pieces into the sashing strips, and then sewed all the rows together on this top!  Its not mine, the blocks were donated to my charity group and I have just added the sashing and cornerstones.  I found this "job" when I started tidying my sewing room, because the computer was taking so long to add the photos to this post!  Yeah you guessed it, not much tidying up got done, there is always tomorrow! ;-)


  1. Your story quilt is great. It's lovely and bright and cheerful. I would say that if you have loads of that road fabric, perhaps it could be the backing, then you wouldn't need to find/buy so much for the border.

  2. those are both lovely.... I love sashing with the cornerstones...

  3. You just never know who you'll meet in the blogosphere!! How are you?
    Busy by the looks:) As we all are these days!
    Thanks for saying hi...we'll be able to see what each others up to now!!

  4. The stars are gorgeous! Its a great boy quilt. I am choosing to ignore the housework (lol)! I have been wii'ng with son (monster trucks).


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