Two new projects

I received 10 bright fat quarters with my Homespun subscription and I needed another cot quilt. I couldn't help myself so started a new project on the weekend. I don't own the special tool/ruler for the design I wanted to do (Twister) so I found this pattern - name unknown.  I apologise to the owner of the pattern/design because I didn't make a note of where I got it from.

I have pieced the top together now (sorry no updated photo), but its not big enough and I have nearly run out of fabric.  My parents are visiting, so I will hopefully work out a solution with Mum's advice. 

Also started a second new project, a Wagga.  This is for a competition (if I get it finished in time) so I was just going to give you a sneak peak. But I cannot get the photo to download.  I had written this post  two days ago and I lost it when I tried to add the pictures (including the one of the Wagga), so not sure what the problem is.   I don't want to loose this post again so I will try again another day.

I have finished my second Celtic block and been doing some stars to go with my hexagons.  On Saturday I will be attending another All Day Quilting with my group, so I will be able to confer with my "advisory panel" re quilting on my Eastwood wedding stars quilt.  So I haven't been ignoring my UFO's! 

Happy quilting Sue.


  1. The quilt is so effective..... I'm looking forward to reading about the Wagga and what you use etc.... I would love to make one...

  2. The quilt is great I love the spotty contrast colour it is very effective. Don't you hate it when blogger has a mind of it's own.

  3. Two new projects eh? The cot quilt looks fabulous. Great pattern.


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