Goodies galore

On Saturday our group had our "All Day Quilting" and our Biggest Morning Tea.  Debbie did a great job of organising activities/competitions during the day and there were lots of great prizes.
This is the quilt top that Bronwyn finished - gorgeous isn't it.  Mainly Asian/Japanese fabrics from a jelly roll I think.

Heather finished this great top.  I just love the colours in this, very modern and fresh.  Amazingly she is giving it away... once its finished.  Heather got most of these fabrics (all but the sashing/border fabric I think) for FREE, yes FREE, from Hot Possum.  Hot Possum kindly donated fabric, you just had to pay the postage, to people willing to make and send a quilt to those affected by floods in Queensland. Fairly sure this generous deal has finished, but pop over to their website and check it out!

I spent most of the day unpicking, so I could sew this quilt top back together again, making it a bit bigger by using every last scrap of fabric.  So you can imagine how annoying it was to find out that this fabric was available at our local store.  However when I got down there this morning she only had the hot pink and a different shade of the purple. 

 So Plan B has been set into action and I hope to have the borders on this quilt this week.

I had hoped to pin another cot quilt AND make some birthday bunting for my boys who are having their respective birthdays in the next month or so.  However too much talking, good food and good company got in the way.  I also had to go home before tea;
a) to relieve my lovely parents who were babysitting the kids
b) because I have a cold from hell
c) and therefore I was very very tired and my poor brain had stopped functioning so I didn't want to risk cutting it exploding!

These are the lovely goodies I won, two fat quarters, a cute little wall hanger and a REALLY really long tape measure - which I had been meaning to buy myself, so was very happy to take these treasures home! 
I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine, happy quilting Sue.


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous day. I love your cot quilt. Its great! I am going to the quilt show at Darling Harbour on Thursday (I hope).

  2. Sounds like a great day. I am hopeless at quilting days I talk too much.


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