Quilting progress

 While we were away we enjoyed the warm weather and delights of Muddies playground, on the Cairns foreshore.

But since we have returned home sunshine has been sadly lacking.  So this has inspired me to get quilting my Eastwood Wedding Star quilt again.  I had been sneaking in an hour of quilting here and there prior to Easter or when ever my back started to complain again!

So once I found the quilting templates (that took an hour of searching LOL!) and  right coloured thread, I had to find the right bobbin, wind another bobbin, found my quilting gloves, put the gloves on, took gloves off and removed more pins and attached quilting template (remember my sticky Contact templates) and got started... yep I broke a needle.  After all that I managed to get quite a bit of quilting done in the afternoon, purely because after all the hassle I was really motivated.Then when I flipped the quilt over, I could see that I was very very nearly finished, so then I was REALLY really motivated. 
Its a bit hard to tell but the centres of the stars are quite big (yes this is the back of the quilt) so now I need to decide how to fix that?  Perhaps I could tie the centres?  I really think that going back to free motion something in the centres is pushing my luck and skills! 
Happy quilting, Sue.

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  1. That sunshine does like nice.Its exciting when you are motivated. Its amazing how much you get done when A. you are motivated and B. you get rid of all the bad karma before you start quilting.


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