Our Easter break

My FIL and MIL came over to visit us for Easter and have a holiday...Ha, this is my FIL showing me what taking a rest looks like.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, as DH was facing the job of taking this previously six foot brick wall down on his own.  Despite the fact that my own Dad had kindly brought me a cold chisel (Oh for the 80's when Cold Chisel was THE band!) and a mallet so I could contribute to the job...thanks Dad! 

So now we are looking forward to having a carport we can fit two cars in, with a roof that doesn't leak and no brick wall to dent the car doors with.  I think the original owners must have owned a Mini in the 60's rather then a Kingswood like the rest of Australia!  Oh and we have gutters, yippee!

My MIL showed me how to knit this... yep it is something I set out to create, but all will have to be revealed later, when I get around to finishing it.  I did get the latest I spy quilt off to the long arm quilters, complete with border of cats and a backing of cats. I hope to have it back next week so I can show you.

AND.... I finally got some hand sewing done on the Celtic quilt.  The preparation work for these blocks has taken me alot more time then I had thought, but I have been fitting it in around other "easier" projects eg things I can quick cut and piece on the machine.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed hand applique, so now its just a matter of finding making the time.  I have left it by my chair, so I can pick it up while watching  sitting in front of the TV, so it doesn't get lost in my sewing room again, where I have been tempted by too many other projects of late!
Happy quilting and a belated happy Easter and ANZAC day, Sue.

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  1. Yeah for the carport! Your knitting looks interesting. I can only do the most rudimentry knitting. Sometimes I like to do a small knitting project like a scarf or beanie. That's the limit of my knitting abilities.


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