March projects

 Mum brought me Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott....a long time ago now (does it matter!) and I had been lusting after the Quilt Carry Bag... so here it is!  I made a few errors while making this bag, but I wont bore you with the details.  One of the things I did do right was to ONLY use three magnetic clips instead of the recommended six.  I only had three in the cupboard and three is plenty if you ever get to make this bag.  I used it to take my partially quilted Eastwood wedding star quilt home for show and tell with Mum and it worked well.  The following weekend I used it to carry my pillow, sheet and single bed doona for a girls weekend away and again it was ideal. 
 This fabric has been lying around my sewing room for a few weeks and DS1 has been keen to claim ownership of it.
 This off centre log cabin made in a monment of madness has been in my cupboard for many months. 
 Today I combined the two to make a floor pillow for DS1.  He was happy and I was glad to have one less thing in the cupboard, but next time I feel the urge to make wonky log cabins I think I try having a nap instead. 


  1. Wonderful finishes..... Love them both...

  2. Great bag. Big bags are so versatile. They hold lots of fabric too. Mine does. I used to use mine when I went for my monthly quilt class in the mountains. I've come to the conclusion (and quite quickly) I can't do wonky. My brain fights it and I end up with something that is simply rubbish. Your cushion looks fine to me. Isn't it lovely that they want you to make something with fabric they like. I had to make a sleeping bag for a little ted a couple of weeks ago. I had been making doll quilts so I think someone wanted something for him. I am finishing up a flannel quilt for my little man.


Some kind friends said.....

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