Thanks Kylie

Thanks for your feedback comment Kylie, the dark blue sounded like a great idea and a good excuse to go to the patchwork shop! I think the shopping was warranted, given that I did look in my stash first and the rest of the quilt came out of my stash anyway LOL! So here is the end result...

There wasn't much point going to the shop for only one project, so I took these blocks and found another blue to sash them with.  DS1 tells me that it looks "beautiful", which makes me happy.  I didn't really want blue sashing, but green and other colours didn't look as nice.  The photo colour isn't true, it is brighter then this, but I took the picture at night ... which is when I finished it.... so only myself to blame.  I will add another final border, but thinking of a large animal print - another purchase awaits! 
Happy quilting Sue!


  1. The blue border looks great. Great quilt tops Sue. Hope your back is getting better.

  2. I agree with DS1, the second quilt top looks great. Looks as if you are busy stash busting your novelty prints!

  3. ooh I like it Sue - shopping and a nice blue border :)
    I have sent an invite to read my blog to you so if you accept it you will be able to see my blog again x


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