Distraction = multi tasking

Did I ever tell you that I am easily distracted when it comes to Patchwork?  Hmm, well I am one of "those" patchworkers that has multiple projects on the go...but normally half are in the cupboard and not being worked on.  But because I have reduced my UFO list by so many, now the remaining projects are easier to find! 
Since Easter I have managed to work a little bit on quite a few projects;
i) my knitting (needs a final detail constructed before all can be revealed)
ii)  the Eastwood wedding quilt (quilting still in progress)
iii) Celtic quilt (still appliqueing)
iv)  Animal I Spy with blue sashing - now to be named Katrina's quilt (hand stitching binding down) AND
v) Luck of the Irish quilt (piecing unit into blocks) - makes me sound like housing developer!!
So I am just going to give you a sneak peak of the Luck of the Irish, because you haven't seen it before...
 This is the box I rediscovered in my cupboard.  Under this pile of nine patches were lots and lots of already pieced blocks; nine patches and half square triangles plus the single patches already cut.
 And under all that was the first six rows that I had started piecing together.  They got shoved in the box when I realised I had made a mistake in one row and was going crossed eyed trying to work it all out from the little photo in the book.  THEN I turned the page over and duh your not suppose to piece them in rows, but rather into bigger 9 patch blocks, which are much easier to chain piece and layout...without going cross eyed.  So out they all came and hence a new distraction and another WIP (Work In Progress) pile in my sewing room!

I do however have a finish to show you.  Its a bit of a cheats finish, because it was long arm quilted AND someone else sewed the binding on - but its still finished! 

Bedford Mystery Quilt
 Ages ago I found it in the cupboard, realised it only need a minor amount of piecing to finish and a border. So I took it to my charity quilting group, we sewed a border on, had it quilted (our group is run by a long arm quilter) and then someone else in the group put a binding on it. I found it last Thursday and borrowed it back so you could see that I have finished it.

We had a great day at charity quilts on Thursday because we got the nicest letter and photo from a family who received two of our quilts for their children.  These were two of the twenty quilts we sent to small town outside of Adelaide that was heavily flooded in the summer. It is nice to know that your work is appreciated and it was a very cute photo to the two little boys to boot.  We then gave out a further six quilts to a mother of five who was widowed last year and all her family live overseas.   
Quilts heal those that are fortunate to be quilters and have the power to heal those that receive them.  We are lucky to live in such a beautiful country where nature is our only occasional (usually) enemy.  
Happy mothers day for tomorrow and happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. You have been very productive and I agree quilts made with love have magical powers.

  2. hey Sue well done on so much ticking off of your lists, hoping to see you at Jo's on the 16th xx

  3. Hi Sue thanks for stopping by my blog. I do agree with you re quilts healing - the feedback I've received from the Quilts for Christchurch I've co-ordinated this year has been amazing - we've sent 65 down to date with more to come.
    I love the fact you belong to a charity quilting group xxx

  4. Great work with the charity quuilts. Its nice to receive a letter letting you know how much they are appreciated. good luck with the UFO's. Sometimes projects need to be put aside so motivation can be replenished.


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